About Us


PDQ Furniture. That’s office furniture done... Pretty. Damn. Quick. 

If it can’t be delivered and installed in seven days from stock, then we don’t supply it, and if we fail to meet this commitment, we give you the furniture for free. No fuss. To our knowledge there is no other furniture company out there willing to put such a firm guarantee behind their service.

So why are we focused on speed and efficiency? Well, we’ve been in the office furniture industry for over 20 years, and clients consistently tell us horror stories about their experiences of buying office furniture. Stories of products on lead times as long as ten weeks, products turning up at different times, and confusing discount structures that makes everyone mistrust prices – it makes a successful office move nigh-on impossible.

Why can’t buying office furniture just be quick, easy, reliable and affordable – all included – spaceplanned, delivered, installed when promised? Guaranteed.

So that’s exactly what we set PDQ up to do.

People have asked us ‘What were the main things clients wanted?’ Well there were four main things:

Firstly, they wanted quick deliveries, available from stock, all available for delivery and installation within seven days. And once we’ve checked the stock, that seven-day delivery is exactly what we guarantee. Or you get the furniture for free. No quibble. No arguments. No drama.

Secondly, clients want a wide choice of quality products. On our website there are hundreds of products for clients to choose from, laid out in a very logical format. Across all the main office furniture applications: Desks, Systems, Storage, Seating, Screening, boardrooms, meeting rooms, recreation, stools, reception furniture, coffee tables, training rooms, In fact, every furniture application needed in a modern office environment. And every product is guaranteed for a minimum of 2 years. Some up to ten years.

Thirdly, clients wanted an all-inclusive price. So that’s what we offer. It includes free space planning, free delivery and free installation - anywhere in the UK all included in the nett price. 

And fourthly, they want to know that they are getting good value. So we guarantee that you won’t find these products available at a cheaper price anywhere else on the web, or we’ll match that price.

So what we’ve done is listen to the people who buy office furniture from both large and small businesses, and we’ve addressed the key issues that frustrate them about buying office furniture.

We think this works for both the larger corporate, and the small business entrepreneur:

We can give the corporate buyer a continuous supply of standardised products. They can call them off from stock and have them installed within a week. Whilst for the small business owner the SME entrepreneur we can provide them with a quick, efficient, and all-inclusive service, where they don’t have to plan months in advance. 

PDQ is not a complex business, and we don’t operate in a complex marketplace. So why make it so? But what does make us better and different is recognising that fact. Providing great service is about keeping it simple, and doing the basics fantastically well. 

And that’s what we do - and we do it… Pretty. Damn. Quick.