Frequently asked questions

How does the 7 day guarantee work?
This is quite simple, you place your order with us, we then go and check that your items are in stock. If they are, then we guarantee your delivery within 7 working days. If the items are not in stock, then we will tell you the date that they will be and offer you a 7 day guarantee from then. In order to claim the guarantee, you must have written confirmation from us that your selected item(s) is in stock at the time that you placed your order. Please contact us upon placing your order to request this.


What if you don’t deliver in 7 days?
As long as there is no reason for this which is outside of our control, then you will get your furniture for free. That’s a no fuss guarantee.


How does the price guarantee work?
As we have stated in our video, we want to offer customers our best prices from the outset, so there are no confusing discount structures. If you find any of our products at a cheaper price (including delivery and installation) just let us know. We will need to check this, and if it is, we will match that price. Guaranteed.


Is there a guarantee on your products?
Yes. All of our products come with at least a 1 year guarantee. If you have any problems, just contact us.


What if the furniture is damaged?
If the furniture is damaged, just make sure that our installation team are aware. We will then replace the damaged item as soon as possible.


What if part of my order is missing?
Once again, just make sure that our installation team know about it. We will chase up the missing item and deliver it as soon as we can.


What if I order something and then change my mind?
Due to the nature of the products and the delivery/assembly costs involved we cannot take back any unwanted or incorrectly ordered product unless we have agreed to do so beforehand. However in some circumstances where the product is from stock and is still boxed, we may be able to return it to our main warehouse for a small restocking fee.


How much does delivery and installation cost?
There is no charge for delivery or installation.


Do I get a discount if I place a large order?

At PDQ, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are constantly offering the best prices around. However, if you intend to place a large order, why not call us on 0800 567 7875 and ask what discounts are available. As the saying goes "If you don't ask - you don't get".


How can I pay for my order?
There are a few payment options open to you.

Pay by credit or debit card – This is the fastest way and is preferred on orders up to £1500.00.

Pay on account – Just select the pay by email button on the payment page. If you already have an account,we will add your order to this. If not, we will have to run credit checks first.

Leasing – If you haven’t thought about leasing why not read our guide to leasing document. You may find that leasing is a very effective way to buy your office furniture.